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Teacher resources: Student Teaching

Cooperating Teachers

This section provides an online verson of the Cooperating Teacher Handbook for K-12 teachers who are mentoring student teachers or practicum students in the World Language teacher certification program at UW-Madison.

Click on a section heading in the table of Contents below to access the section. To return to this page, click on the link provided at the top of the page or hit the "back" button on your browser.

In addition to this handbook, another resource of interest to cooperating teachers is the Preservice teacher class syllabi, located in the Preservice teacher section of this website. These syllabi will better enable you to be aware of the academic support and assignments your student teacher or practicum student is receiving as they are working with you.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
          Nondiscrimination Statement
          The ABCs of Mentoring  

II. Organization
          How Is the Student Teaching Experience Organized?
          How Are Student Teachers Placed?

III. Student Teaching Policies and Procedures 
          Eligibility Requirements
          Criminal Background Check & Disclosure Statement
          Changes in Placements 
          Housing and Transportation 
          Student Discipline/ Search & Seizure
          Outside Course Work, Employment, and/or Extracurricular Activities

IV. The Role of School Personnel
          The Cooperating Teacher
          The Building Principal

V. The Role of University Personnel
          The University Supervisor
          Program Faculty

VI. The Role of the Student Teacher
          The Initial School Visit 
          Planning the Student Teaching Schedule 
          How Do I Work with UW Faculty and Supervisors?

VII. Making Adjustments & Legal Issues
          What Do I Do When I Have a Concern about My Student Teacher? 
          How Do I work with a Strong Student Teacher?  
          What Are My Legal Responsibilities as a Cooperating Teacher? 

Appendix A: Getting Ready for Your Student Teacher

Appendix B: Writing Recommendations         

Appendix C: Student Teaching Withdrawal Policy 

Appendix D: UW - Madison Teacher Education Standards

Appendix E: Issues to reflect Upon When Observing

Appendix F: Observation Guide 

Appendix G: Some Approaches to Co-Teaching (pending)

Appendix H: Cooperating Teacher Contact Sheets (pending)

Appendix I: Wisconsin Standards for Foreign Languages (pending)

Appendix J: ACTFL Issues Paper: Designing a Standards-Based Thematic Unit (pending)

Appendix K: Teachers' Pedagogical Beliefs & the Standards for Foreign Language Learning (pending)

Appendix L: Supplemental Methodology Materials (pending)
          Gouin Series
          Contextualizing Language Instruction to Address Goals of Standards for Foreign Language Learning 
          Teaching Interactive Speaking 

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