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Teacher resources

Streaming videos

The streaming videos section contains well over two hours worth of streaming videos produced and designed for use in the K-16 language classroom. This includes the 59 videos in the ¿Qué? El Español! Content-Based Instructional Spanish series, which at an average of two minutes each can easily be incorporated into any class period.

WLE ePortfolios

The WLE ePortfolios section contains the WLE area requirements for certification, as well as links to sample portoflios that have been completed by graduates of our program.

WLE Handbook

The WLE Handbook was created for students and instructors working in the area of World Language Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is designed to help everyone work together as harmoniously as possible in situations that are often personally stressful but also professionally satisfying.

Self-reflective Video

Self-reflective video is a powerful tool for professional development no matter how experienced or inexperienced a teacher you are. As you view yourself in your actual teaching context with the luxury of a pause button you will find new ways to develop and shape your teaching practice.

Resources in this section include advice on filming in the classroom, methods of converting your film clips into video portfolio artifacts and ways to form video study groups for professional development.

Lesson Planning

The lesson planning section is a collection of guidelines and online sources that help you not only generate new ideas for upcoming lessons, but also help align your lesson plans with the the Five Cs of language teaching and Wisconsin state certification standards.

This collection includes resources designed for the beginning teacher on topics such as classroom management, dealing with cheating, and adapting lesson plans to suit your particular class.

Events & Workshops

The Events & Workshops section is designed to help both inservice and preservice teachers to be aware of professional training opportunities in southern Wisconsin.

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