Spanish at Aldo Leopold Elementary School

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Aldo Leopold Elementary Spanish for All

A Foreign Language K-6 Certification Project by the Madison Metropolitan School District in Collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Through an innovative program developed in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we are now able to provide Spanish to all Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders at Leopold. In addition, several 4th and 5th grade classes also receive Spanish as part of their daily schedule.

  • Spanish classes are 30 minutes in length and are taught by Student Teachers from UW. Spanish classes take place 4 times per week; 3 times in the classroom, and once weekly in collaboration with P.E., REACH, music or art class.
  • These students are on a training sequence as regular elementary school teachers seeking elementary Spanish certification or they are training to become Kindergarten through 12th grade Spanish teachers.
  • In this program, your child's general education teachers act as mentors to UW student teachers while learning Spanish alongside their students. UW student teachers meet with their "Mentor Teachers" regularly to ensure on-going communication and success for all students.
  • Subsequently, student teachers enroll in a foreign language methods course taught by Leopold Spanish For All program staff in which they receive formal methodological and pedagogical training, take an active part in discussion of current research in the area of foreign language education and second language acquisition, discuss and journal for reflections purposes, and work collaboratively as a group to plan the semester's curriculum.
  • A number of these student teachers are involved in other activities at Leopold, including after school programming and in-class tutoring.
  • Spanish lessons are communication and content-based. State and district performance standards for social studies, science, and foreign language are used when creating the curriculum.
  • In order to give UW students continual, specific feedback on Spanish language instruction and foreign language pedagogy, project coordinators are on site five days a week. They are available for mentor teacher communication, student guidance, and supervision.